Great advances have been made in the treatments and cures for chronic diseases, but people are still getting ill – and at younger ages. We therefore need to continuously strive for greater health improvement.

Herbs, minerals and vitamins have a lot to offer as supportive modalities to assist the body to cope in adverse conditions brought about by toxic exposure, chemical additives and ever increasing stress levels. Much of the nutritional value of current foods is lost through processing and cooking.

Supplements are not magic pills. But anything that can enhance your quality of life, make you look younger, upgrade your immune system, fight off illness and boost your energy levels, sounds pretty good. Of course, supplements can’t cure everything, but they can do a lot and we should embrace the things that scientists have discovered over the years about these various nutrients.

As more and more rigorous scientific studies accumulate, showing spectacular health benefits from herbs, minerals and vitamins, we are back where we were a few decades ago – eager to take advantage of all this healing potential – and thoroughly confused. While the reason for taking supplements are now based on solid science, shopping for nutrients is still nothing less than overwhelming. When you go to buy supplements you are faced with shelves and more shelves of capsules and tablets, bottles in different sizes and colours from different companies – competing for your attention and your precious wallet.

As a person who may be a novice or an old hand who takes herbs, minerals and vitamins in a safe and responsible manner, all you really want to know is what really works.

The products on this site are nutritional supplements and no medical claims are made regarding cures, diagnoses and treatments. Remember that large doses of certain nutrients can be toxic. They can cause side effects. They can also interact with drugs that you might be taking. Always take the medical alerts serious. If you are under a doctor’s care for a serious disease, you should talk to him about your interest in taking supplements as part of your treatment. If you are pregnant or nursing, make sure that you mention any supplements you are taking, to your physician.

At Lifespan we aim to provide some functional choices you can make to break through the limitations and claim the health and vitality you deserve.